Published on March 18th, 2016 | by Staples Soccer


Ping Pong Prowess Puts Tyler Wright In Octathlon Lead

Tyler Wright — a varsity soccer and tennis player — showed another talent tonight: ping pong.

Earning points for a shutout, blowout and best outfit, the sophomore earned 38 points to vault into the 2016 Jack Scott Octathlon of Champions lead, with 55 points. Josh Berman is now 2nd (47).

Kenny Brill, making his Octo debut, was the overall winner today, at the Westport Y. His 39 points came via the championship, best comeback and best save.

Other point winners included Matteo Broccolo (best rally), Shane Dasbach (best rally) and Alejandro Perez Elorza (best serve).

After 2 Octos, the point totals are: Tyler Wright (55), Josh Berman (47), Kenny Brill (39), Sam Kantor (36), Matteo Broccolo (34), Spencer Daniels (24), Luca Cocito (21), Shane Dasbach, Ziggy Hallgarten (19), Griff O’Neill (14), Alejandro Perez Elorza (13), Daniel Reid, Stephen Rowland (12), Chris Andrews (6), Will Birch, Steven Frost, Timmy Liles, Chris Martenson, Ian Weiler (3).

Upcoming events: laser tag and ultimate Frisbee.

Kenny Brill and Luca Cocito in a heated rally.


Chris Andrews and Sam Kantor in action.



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