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Published on April 1st, 2017 | by Staples Soccer


Wreckers To Etch Alumni In Stone

Drew Tursi was a longtime Staples soccer fan. He was a constant presence on The Hill, watching his brother Brad Tursi ’97 play on a state tournament finalist squad, then continued cheering on his brother’s younger friends like Kyle Martino ’99.

When Drew — a prominent chef — died last month in Charleston, South Carolina, Brad’s teammates gathered for the service. Joined in tragedy, they vowed to create a way to remember Drew, and the Staples soccer players who passed away before their time.

That 1996 team is raising money for a project called “Etched In Stone.” The names of former players — including Scott Coleman, Doug Donovan, Dennis Murphy, Jon Walker and others who died young — will be etched into the granite band surrounding the Block “S” on the terrace. Other names will be added in years to come. A dedication ceremony — with the ’96 team, and family members of the memorialized players — will be held this fall, before a Saturday match. Click here for a link to Staples soccer’s In Memoriam page.

Brad Tursi and his teammates have begun raising the $3,000 needed for this and future etchings. Contributions in honor of a former teammate or friend can be sent to “Staples Soccer,” c/o Dan Woog, Staples High School, 70 North Avenue, Westport, CT 06880.

Drew Tursi’s family, friends, and his brother Brad’s 1996 teammates, at his memorial service. From left: Wes Martino ’97, Tyler Mitchell ’97, Kyle Martino ’99, Ralph Martino P’97, ’99, John Tursi P ’97, Brad Tursi ’97, Bobby Guadagno ’99, John Guadagno P’92, ’99, Johnny Guadagno ’92, Rob Philpott, Ed Spooner ’97, Jordan Osterhout. 

Names will be etched in the large granite band surrounding the Block “S” on the terrace.


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