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Published on November 1st, 2012 | by Staples Soccer


Wreckers Help Paul Lane

The current Staples soccer players never knew Albie Loeffler.

And they never heard the name Paul Lane.

They certainly don’t know that Mr. Loeffler — the founder of the Staples soccer program — and Coach Lane (the longtime Wrecker football coach, who also coached basketball and track, including a young runner named Laddie Lawrence) were great friends during their long tenures together.

But today varsity players Harry Birch, Ethan Bradeen, Patrick Beusse, Noah Bender and Greg Shikowitz heeded a call for help. They headed to Soundview Avenue, and spent several hours shoveling sand from Coach Lane’s yard. Hurricane Sandy had pummeled his beachfront house.

Coach Lane has lived at Compo since the 1930s. He weathered the Hurricane of 1938, and the Nor’easter of 1955.

Now some members of the 2012 Staples soccer team have made a connection — in a roundabout but important way — with both the historic Wrecker soccer and football programs.

Flanking Paul Lane (center) are Alex Spector, varsity players Harry Birch and Patrick Beusse, and Paul’s son Peter Lane. Not shown: Ethan Bradeen, Noah Bender and Greg Shikowitz.

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