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Wreckers Crush Cooper Test

Sophomore David Sedrak blazed through the 2-mile Cooper test in 10:44. A record 13 other Staples soccer hopefuls recorded sub-12 minute times. An entire cohort of 10 players finished under the target time of 12:20.

That was the scene yesterday at Staples High School. At the end of the 2nd week of pre-season conditioning, 49 candidates took the test. The results were the best in Wrecker history.

Following behind Sedrak, all below 12:00, were Ben Douglas (11:03), Matt Fleming (11:14), Ryan Thomas (11:22), Jack Douglas (11:23), Haydn Siroka (11:24), Alan Fiore (11:31), Will Adams (11:32), George Smith (11:33), Jacob Greenberger (11:36), Sam Willis (11:55), Spencer Levine (11:56), Hunter Smith (11:57) and Graham Barnes (11:58).

Also finishing under the target time: Jack Kuster (12:02), Marcos Inglada (12:02), Kyle Rotolo (12:08), Ethan Cukier (12:14), Josiah Hoffman (12:14), Jack McColl (12:14), Sam Pirkl (12:14), Reed Caney (12:15) and Jackson Hochhauser (12:18).

[Candidates who were injured or otherwise unavailable ran at a later date. They included Jack Foster (11:50), Ben Tanen (11:52) and Campbell Gerrard (11:58).]

“It’s clear that many of our players worked really hard this summer,” says head coach Dan Woog. “That’s a great tribute to them — and to the leadership of the captains (Surya Balaji and Jack Douglas), and the seniors.”

Conditioning and skillwork continues this coming week. The first intrasquad play, with contact, takes place the week of September 21. Teams will be determined then. The first official match is October 2.

And they’re off! The “Mitchell” cohort begins. Each of Staples’ 6 10-man groups is named for a former Staples high school All-America player — in this case, Chris Mitchell.


The “Lesch” cohort takes off.


Teammates cheer David Sedrak — the fastest player — as he nears the finish line.


Junior Ryan Thomas celebrates his 11:22 finish.


Sophomore Matthew Fleming finishes hard.


Sophomore Ben Douglas completes his Cooper in 11:03. (All photos/Drew Douglas)

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