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Published on July 21st, 2015 | by Staples Soccer


Workout Of The Week #5: A Coastal Tour Of Westport

Kurt Dasbach has devised a totally new Workout of the Week. It’s tough, and not only physically. It also demands planning and coordination. Go for it — the rewards will be worth it!

Workout of the Week #5:  Coastal Run — Burying Hill Beach to Compo via Sherwood Island

Meet at Compo Beach by the cannons. Leave any towels there, and lock valuables there in someone’s car.

As this is a 1-way trip, figure out out transportation from Compo Beach to Burying Hill Beach (for those using GPS, the address is Burying Hill Rd, Westport, CT) — it’s diagonally across from the entrance to Greens Farms Academy.

It is recommended you do this run around low tide. Check the tide charts online for Compo Beach to pick a time to do this coastal tour of Westport.

It is also recommended that your wear running shoes that can get wet.


Starting at the end of the parking lot of Burying Hill Beach, jog east on the beach (as you face the water, jog to your left) for 100 yards. Then lunge-walk 16 lunges. Use your walk/jog along the beach as your warm-up.

Continue along the beach until you reach the end of the rock wall that sits in front of the modern house. The first run starts at this location.

Once warmed up, sprint from the start of Burying Hill Beach out to the jetty by the parking lot. This sprint should take about 1 minute.

Stretch and recover at the wall by the parking lot. Now figure out how to cross Greens Farms Brook to get to the start of the beach at Sherwood Island.

After crossing the brook, assemble on the beach at Sherwood Island. Prepare for a long 840. This beach is a bit longer than 1/2 mile. Run at top pace from Greens Farms Brook to Sherwood Point.

Recover now by leaving the beach. Walk and follow the path past the 9/11 Memorial, continuing in the same direction you are going along the coast.

As you walk and recover along the coastal path, the next beach will be ahead of you. This beach provides a short sprint to the end of the Sherwood Island beaches. Around the farthest jetty, you will see Compo Cove. If the tide is low enough, you should be able to run from the end of Sherwood Island all the way across Compo Cove until you hit Old Mill (the beach across from Elvira’s). If you can connect the 2nd Sherwood Island beach to the Compo Cove beaches, you are looking at a second 840 !!

Walk along Hillspoint to recover. Once everyone is recovered, jog lightly along the sidewalk on Hillspoint until you reach the jetty by Compo Beach. Now you have arrived at your last 840.

Sprint from the jetty to the cannons to finish your coastal tour of Westport.

Be smart. Work together. Enjoy the Workout of the Week!

Burying Hill Beach marks the start of Workout of the Week #5.


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