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Trevor Lamb ’04 Signs With Sinobal

For decades, Staples soccer players have joined professional and semi-pro teams around the world.

Trevor Lamb ’04 is charting new territory, though.  He’s the 1st to sign with a Chinese club.

Trevor — who has been living and teaching in Asia for 2 years — has just joined Sinobal, a very ambitious semipro team in Hangzhou.  He’ll play with the 1st team in a few amateur and semipro leagues in that city, and the greater Yangtze River delta region.

One of the leagues is part of a new program of Vision China — a city-centric nationwide league being developed in cooperation with the Asian Football Confederation.

On Trevor’s 1st day on the job he served as Sinobal’s international representative at a meeting with various clubs, the Hangzhou government, the Chinese Football Association and the AFC.

Trevor’s responsibilities go far beyond the field.  A primary reason they hired him was his background in youth coaching (including 2 very successful years with Staples’ junior varsity).  Sinobal has been given the task of managing Hangzhou’s youth development campaign, as part of the CFA’s “44 Cities” project to improve youth soccer in China.

Trevor already has visited several grade schools with other Sinobal coaches.  He’s promoting the sport and the club, meeting with principals and helping organize tournaments and activities.  One major project:  initiating an English-football training summer youth program this summer.

Trevor will also help organize the Nations Cup international tournament in Hangzhou; aid the parent company Sinobal with exhibition shows for developing technologies in China, and assist in developing curriculum for youth soccer coaches and players nationwide.

“Initially I was happy to get involved with the club as a player,” Trevor says.  “But the new opportunities to coach and contribute to big projects in the development of the sport and club make the position even more promising.

“The sport has a long way to go, even compared to the US, so any kind of involvement will hopefully make a big difference.”

Trevor looks forward to playing and keeping fit too — in preparation for his Watermelon Cup participation back in Westport this summer.

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