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Published on June 21st, 2010 | by Staples Soccer


Soccer Players Invited To Join ESM Zone

Andy Moss has invited Staples soccer players into the zone.

The ESM Zone, to be exact.

Andy Moss is the Westporter’s new social networking site.  Aimed at middle school and high school athletes, the plan is to use positive peer pressure to provide solutions to problems on and off the field.

For prizes.

After signing up and filling out a profile, athletes can ask or answer questions — about sports, or anything else.  Using a “like” button, questioners and respondents get awarded points for questions and answers.

Rewards — a VIP pass to a pro football training camp, gift certificates to sports stores, textbooks for college — are given at the end of the fall, winter and sports “seasons.”

A fee will be charged at some point.  For now, ESM Zone is free.  Staples soccer players are invited to click here, then register using a special code:  SHS2010-S.

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