Published on October 13th, 2020 | by Staples Soccer


Parent Volunteers Spruce Up Terrace, Shed

The Hill is less crowded than usual this COVID year. Parents are the only fans permitted.

But a crew of Staples soccer parents donated their time and energy Sunday afternoon to make The Hill look great.

They cleaned the interior of the storage shed too. Spectators never see that. But it’s a huge boost to the program too.

Giyora Eiger, Meg Guiduli and Geoff Smith weeded the terrace, power-washed the stones and granite, and refurbished the wooden seats. The top of The Hill has never looked better!

Down at the bottom, inside the shed built by Chris O’Dell, Drew Douglas and Andy Laskin removed old equipment, spruced up and rearranged what’s left — and even remounted the plaque honoring Doug Donovan ’79.

It was a herculean task. They all did it with elbow grease, smiles — and of course, gloves.

After the cleanup



Inside the shed


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