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Published on November 23rd, 2009 | by Staples Soccer


More Factoids On Staples’ State Championships

Thanks to Antonio Pastor ’84 for passing this information along:

  • Staples’ appearance in the 2009 state final ties them with Wethersfield for the most state championship appearances ever.  The Wreckers and Eagles both have 17.
  • Staples is now in a 3-way tie with EO Smith-Storrs and Guilford for the 2nd-highest number of state titles: 12.  Wethersfield leads with 14.
  • However, Staples leads the state for the most championships at the largest division contested.  Staples won all its titles in L-M, L and LL whenever they were the largest division (based on school population).  EO Smith, Guilford and Wethersfield all won championships in smaller divisions.  Smith and Guilford are currently LL schools; Wethersfield is L.
  • Wethersfield competed in the very 1st state soccer tournament, in 1948.  Staples did not field its 1st soccer team until 10 years later.  EO Smith’s program was founded the very same year:  1958.  Information on the start of Guilford’s program is not available.

More factoids to follow, as they are unearthed.

The Wreckers trail Wethersfield by 2 state titles.

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