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Michael McCarthy ’10 Earns $5,000 Dedication Award

Michael McCarthy ’10 — the goalkeeper on Staples’ most recent state championship team, and a rising junior on the Washington University team — is the 2nd recipient of the Dan Woog Dedication Award.

The $5,000 scholarship — presented by the Top of the Hill Team and Gudis Family Foundation — is given to an “outstanding student who has given back to Staples boys soccer with the same dedication and enthusiasm that Dan has exhibited to Staples for decades.”

As a Staples senior, Michael McCarthy controlled the field.

Michael showed tremendous dedication at Staples, transforming himself from a midfielder into one of the top keepers in Wrecker history. He has continued to show enormous support for the Staples soccer program. He mentors current keepers, and trains and encourages players at every level and age group. He plays in every summer league, and helps organize teams for events like the Preston Hirten Weekend.

The letter from the Top of the Hill Team and Gudis Family Foundation said:

You have demonstrated that active alumni continue to be one of the most important parts of the Staples boys soccer program, to not only ensure that tradition pride and teamwork remain at the forefront of current players’ understanding of Staples boys soccer, but as an excellent example for other alumni of their obligations to the program after their graduation.

“Michael epitomizes all that is good about Staples soccer,” praised head coach Dan Woog.

Michael McCarthy

“He understands the importance of tradition and family in all that we do. He follows the inspiration of his father — who also played for us — and through him, he knows what Albie Loeffler and Jeff Lea stood for.

“Michael commits himself to excellence in all that he does. He always works hard toward his next goal, but he never forgets where he came from. He is someone all Staples players can look up to, and learn from.”

The inaugural winner of the Dan Woog Dedication Award, in 2011, was videographer Sam Bender.

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