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Keeper Nation Profile: Michael McCarthy ’10

Michael McCarthy ’10 led the Staples Wreckers to their 12th state championship, and 26th FCIAC title. He’s got a great back story. He’s also the 6th profile in our continuing Staples Goalkeeper Nation series. Each interview links goaltenders of the past with those of today and tomorrow. For more information on Staples Goalkeeper Nation, click here.

FAVORITE SOCCER MEMORY:  Jumping the fence and rushing into the bleachers after our state championship victory.

COLLEGE EXPERIENCE:  Washington University in St. Louis

POST-COLLEGE LIFE:  I’m working for Nielsen in market research in Chicago.

HOW YOU BECAME A GOALKEEPER:  I converted to keeper from a field player after my freshman year at Stpales. I knew we were going to have a strong team, but needed someone at that position. I sat the bench for the next 2 years (behind the captain, Adam Liu), but it was all worth it when we won the state championship my senior year.

ADVICE FOR STAPLES KEEPERS:  Listen to Tom! He’s the best coach and mentor you could ask for, both in soccer and life in general.

Michael McCarthy makes a key save in Greenwich, in 2009.

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