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Published on January 31st, 2015 | by Staples Soccer


Graham Gudis, Brenden Price Win Big At First Octathlon

The 2015 Jack Scott Octathlon of Champions kicked off tonight with a hotly contested badminton tournament. There were 2 brackets — and the team of Graham Gudis and Brenden Price won both of them. The rising seniors now lead the standings (with Kenji Goto and Jack Zeldes). Gudis is ahead by 2 points, based on his additional title of “Most Willing to Sacrifice Himself.”

The 2 runners-up were Rees Chang/Max Hammer and Josh Berman/Daniel Reid. Finishing 3rd were Daniel Perez Elorza/Andres Marmelo and Goto/Zeldes, while the 4th place finishers were Goto/Zeldes and Ziggy Hallgarten/Noah Schwaeber.

Other points were awarded for Best Rally (Goto/Zeldes and Shane Dasbach/Kenny Brill); Best Comeback (Berman/Reid), Best Uniforms (Hallgarten/Schwaeber) and Best Trick Shot (Hallgarten).

Andres Marmelo organized this event. Next up: basketball, led by Kenji Goto.

The standings after 1 round: Graham Gudis (25); Kenji Goto, Brenden Price, Jack Zeldes (23); Ziggy Hallgarten (18); Josh Berman, Daniel Reid (15); Noah Schwaeber (13); Rees Chang, Max Hammer (12); Andres Marmelo, Daniel Perez Elorza (11); Shane Dasbach, Kenny Brill (8); Matteo Broccolo, Luca Cocito, Spencer Daniels, Sam Kantor, Griff O’Neill, Jerrett Rende, Sebastian Wick (3).

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Two-time champions Brenden Price and Graham Gudis.


Noah Schwaeber and Ziggy Hallgarten played decent badminton — and won points for Best Uniforms.


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