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Published on November 25th, 2013 | by Staples Soccer


Future Wreckers Rock Robotics

The Coleytown/Bedford Middle Schools robotics team — “The Mechanical Masterminds” — has reached the Connecticut state final.

What makes this news is that 7 of the 9 team members are soccer players.

Three play premier: Nick Ambrose (Shoreline), and Rob Diorio and Josh Zhang (Everton). Three play in the Westport Soccer Association travel program: Nick Durkin, John McNab and .Sunil Green. Justin Schmidt is a WSA rec players (the others play rec too). In addition, Rob, Nick, Sunil and Justin are referees.

Somehow, they find the time to fit robotics into their schedule (and all are straight-A students!).

The FLL International Robotics Competition involves more than 200,000 youngsters ages 9-16, from over 70 countries. Teams design, build and program a robot, choose and research a natural disaster, and develop a solution that will help ease further damage. The Coleytown/Bedford team researched and competed on the topic of coastal and river flooding in Westport.

Good luck to the team at the state championship on December 7, at Central Connecticut State University. We also look forward to welcoming them to Staples!

From left: Sunil Green, David Oestreicher (teacher), Daniel Westphal, Josh Zhang, Justin Schmidt, Nick Durkin, John McNab, Dr. Dan Cortright (teacher), Rob Diorio, Nick Ambrose, Andy Zheng, Kim Matarese (teacher).

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