Published on April 21st, 2021 | by Staples Soccer


Former Staples Player Helps Bring Down European Super League

Well, every bit helps.

Joaquim Monnerat played on Chris O’Dell’s freshman team 2 years ago. Shortly after the season, his family moved to London.

As tri-captain Bruno Guiduli noted, Joaquim was there yesterday, joining over 1,000 fans outside Stamford Bridge before the Blues’ game against Brighton. They protested plans for a proposed super European Soccer League.

Photos circulating on social media showed him prominently. And though you can’t see, he’s wearing a Staples soccer shirt.

A few hours later, the ESL imploded.

Well done, Joaquim. And thanks for repping Staples soccer along the way.

Joaquim Monnerat, wearing (sort of) a face mask.


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