Published on August 8th, 2019 | by Staples Soccer


England Holds On In Rousing Watermelon Cup Final

The Watermelon Cup semifinals and finals were postponed a day by rain, but it was worth the wait.

#1 seed England edged a determined #3 India 4-3 in the finals. It wasn’t easy. Brad Cox, Josh Berman and Mo Tall gave the Brits a seemingly easy lead, but Chris Martenson got the Indians back in the match. Cox made it 4-1; then quick goals by Griff O’Neill and Rory Steele made it a game. The final 2 minutes were tense, but England prevailed.

The semifinals saw England beat Belgium 5-3, while Kyle Rotolo gave India the lead with 2 minutes to play, after a tight battle. Martenson scored in the waning seconds.

2019 Watermelon Cup champs England (from left): Callum Wisher, Steven Frost, Josh Berman, Enzo Valadares, George Smith, Brad Cox, Graham Barnes, Haran Eiger, Lefty Pendarakis, Marcos Inglada, Mo Tall.

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