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Published on August 24th, 2013 | by Staples Soccer


Wreckers Welcome 50 Candidates For Tryouts

The weather was perfect, as 50 hopefuls worked hard on the 1st day of tryouts today.

The Wakeman turf came alive at 7:30 a.m., the 1st of double sessions today, tomorrow and Monday.

Head coach Dan Woog said that captains Diego Alanis and Jack Scott did a “superb” job getting players fit in the off-season. Times for the 2 grueling 840-yard runs were “very, very strong,” followed by even more physical conditioning.

There was plenty of playing too. “We’re nowhere near where we want to be in October and November — or even September,” Woog said. “But we like the foundation we can build on.”

The varsity has little time to waste. The 1st preseason scrimmage is Wednesday (4 p.m., Loeffler Field). Last year’s class LL finalist Fairfield Prep provides the initial test.

Also today: Freshman coach Chris O’Dell put 32 candidates through their paces at noon.

Kenji Goto goes to the ball during tryouts. (Photo by Kim Lake)

Diego Alanis (left) and Matt Bateman battle it out on the Wakeman turf. (Photo by Kim Lake)

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