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Published on June 28th, 2015 | by Staples Soccer


Workout Of The Week: Minute Man Runs

Kurt Dasbach sends along Workout of the Week (WOW) #2. Captains Kenji Goto and Noah Schwaeber will organize a session for all players wishing to take this week’s challenge together. Players can also organize their own small groups — or do WOW #2 (or a similar distance, if out of town) on their own.

Start at the intersection of  Soundview and South Compo/Hillspoint Road (by the jetty). Run down South Compo. Turn left at the Minute Man monument onto Compo Beach Road.

Follow Compo Beach Rd past the marina, beach entrance and volleyball courts. Go left down Soundview (the beach exit road) to complete your lap back to where you started (by the jetty).

Under 9 minutes = ok
Under 8 minutes = expected
Under 7:15 = respected
Under 6:45 = James Lewis status
Under 5 minutes = Henry Wynne status

Rest by walking slowly down Soundview (beach exit road) until you reach Fairfield Avenue

Perform walking lunges on Soundview, from Fairfield Avenue back to South Compo Road jetty

Perform 20 incline push-ups with feet on the wall,  hands on the ground

Repeat entire cycle 2 more times, for a total of 3 Minute Man Runs, 3 sets of walking lunges from Fairfield Avenue to South Compo Road,  and 3 sets of incline push-ups.

The Minute Man has long symbolized Westport. He’s also a motivator for the Staples soccer team.


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