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Published on July 12th, 2014 | by Staples Soccer


Workout Of The Week #4: Head For Compo Hill!

WOW #4: Sprint Endurance Workout on Compo Beach and up Compo Hill

Start at the WOW traditional intersection of Soundview Drive and South Compo/Hillspoint Roads (the wall by the beach on Soundview). Begin with 10 hops of each leg, landing on 2 legs on the wall. Follow with 15 pushups (hands on the ground, feet on the wall).

On Compo Beach, walk/jog/sprint between the lifeguard stands. Start at the jetty, end at the cannons.

At the cannon jetty, walk 1/2 the distance from the jetty to the 1st lifeguard stand. At the halfway point, jog to the 1st lifeguard stand. Sprint all out from the 1st lifeguard stand to the 2nd lifeguard stand. Walk 1/2 distance, jog 1/2 distance to lifeguard stand #3, sprinting all out from lifeguard stand #3 to #4. Walk 1/2 distance, jog 1/2 distance toward lifeguard stand #5, sprinting from #5  to the cannons for 3 sprints total from the jetty back to the cannons.

Return the same way you came, completing 3 walk/jog/sprints between lifeguard stands,  starting at  the cannons and ending at the Hillspoint jetty.

Do another round of 10 single-leg hops onto 2 legs landing on the wall, and 15 pushups with hands on the ground and feet on the wall.

Next, jog from the intersection of Soundview and South Compo/Hillspoint Roads  north on Hillspoint, to Elvira’s.

Perform a “sprint ladder” on Compo Hill (the big hill) as follows:

Walk from Elvira’s up Compo Hill to the 1st telephone pole on your left (#5 Compo Hill). Sprint from the 1st telephone pole until you pass the 2nd telephone pole (at the intersection of Sherwood Drive).

Walk halfway down the hill, jogging the 2nd half of your trip down the hill. When you reach the 1st telephone pole, turn around and sprint up Compo Hill until you pass the 3rd telephone pole. Walk 1/2 the distance you sprinted, jogging the rest until you reach the 1st telephone pole.

At the 1st telephone pole, turn around and sprint up Compo Hill until you pass the 4th telephone pole.

Walk halfway down the hill, then jog to the bottom. You have completed the 1st of 2 “sprint ladders” up Compo Hill.

In between sprint ladders, do a recovery jog/walk on Sherwood Drive for 2 minutes.

Repeat Compo Hill “sprint ladder,” building from a sprint to the 1st telephone pole up to a sprint to the 4th.

Walk down Compo Hill after the 2nd sprint ladder.

Run briskly back to the WOW starting point at Soundview.

Repeat 10 single-leg hops and 15 pushups on the wall, followed by 6 walk/jog/sprints between lifeguard stands on Compo Beach.

Your grand sprint total will be 2 x 6 lifeguard stand sprints and 2 x 4 sprints of increasing length up Compo Hill — 20 sprints in all.

Elvira’s is home base for Workout of the Week #4.


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