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Published on March 26th, 2017 | by Staples Soccer


Wilson Daniels Retains Pentathlon Lead

Wilson Daniels, Lefty Penderakis and Ryan Fincher formed the victorious 3-on-3 basketball team at yesterday’s Pentathlon, in the Staples fieldhouse. That keeps the top 2 spots the same, after the 2nd event in the off-season series. Daniels leads with a total of 32 points, while Penderakis is close behind at 32.

The runner-up team was Ry Cohen, Brad Cox and Andrew Marshall.

Penderakis earned points as MVP, while Marshall picked up “Best Shot” points with a buzzer-beater. Chris Martenson organized the tournament.

Point totals after 2 rounds: Wilson Daniels (32); Lefty Penderakis (28); Ryan Fincher (13); Andrew Marshall (12); Chris Martenson (12); Brad Cox (8); Will Birch, Matt Engler (7); Ry Cohen (5); Stephen Frost, Timmy Liles (4); Jake Didner, Jannis Dietze, Rob Diorio, Daniel Leaf, Josh Zhang (3).

Next event: flag football, organized by Jake Didner and Tyler Wright.

Pentathlon participants (front): Daniel Leaf, Rob Diorio, Josh Zhang. Rear: Ry Cohen, Andrew Marshall, Lefty Penderakis, Ryan Fincher, Chris Martenson, Brad Cox, Wilson Daniels.

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