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Tyler Mitchell ’97 Fits Customers To A “Tee”

Tyler Mitchell ’97 — a star forward on Staples’ 1996 state finalist team — is well-known as a 3rd-generation member of the family that owns Mitchells of Westport.

For the past several years, he’s run Wilkes Bashford, the high-end San Francisco and Palo Alto stores also owned by Mitchells.

But he has an interesting side gig too.

Tyler — who hangs with friends like the co-founder of Instagram — has created an app. Users can quickly and easily design t-shirts with their own words or phrases, in different colors, styles and fonts. Shirts are printed within 24 hours of an order.

They’re available in V-neck, crew, neck and tank styles. (Of course, they’re made from high-quality material.)

Tyler is not the first person to offer the service. But, he says, his shirts are digitally printed, creating a better look. And the ordering process seems quicker than competing companies — 30 seconds, not 30 minutes.

Users can share their design by text, or on Facebook and Instagram (duh). Shirts can be sent as gifts via a phone’s contact list.

The app is called Levatee. “Levity” and “t-shirts” — get it?

You can’t get it at Wilkes Bashford. Or at Mitchells.

Tyler’s out in San Francisco. This is all about the web.

Tyler Mitchell ’97 poses with a variety of Levatee shirts. (Photo/San Francisco Chronicle)

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