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Trevor Lamb ’04 Checks In From China

The former captain is spending the year in Hangzhou.  Among his recent activities:

  • Trevor Lamb

    Last month he managed to find “a quality restaurant that supplied ‘takeaway thanksgiving meals.'”  He ordered cranberries, and a whole roast turkey.  Fortunately, a Westporter was visiting her family in the area, and brought goodies.  Trevor and several others — including 2 Australian colleagues — enjoyed “a proper Thanksgiving dinner.”

  • That same weekend, Trevor watched the Chinese national soccer team play in Hangzhou.  Though the Chinese team is not well regarded — even in its own country — the visiting Lebanese are worse.  China scored an inelegant 1-0 victory.
  • Recently, some Chinese English teachers started a newspaper, “Eyes Around.”  They asked Trevor to help edit, lecture about writing — and be interviewed for the 1st edition.  The students described “James” — that’s apparently what he’s called in China — as “a handsome young man with thick mustache, bright eyes and a brilliant smile.”  He likes pizza, “Baozi, dumplings, fish and many kinds of chicken.”  He described the Chinese people he has met as “kind-hearted, they would never cheat others, and many times they would help him.”  The students also asked Trevor — er, James — whether 2012 is “the doomsday.”  He replied (they said):  “This is a controversial matter.  But the life will go on regardless if people are living on it.”
  • Every year Trevor’s college has a Christmas party for faculty and students.  It is a classy event, with evening gowns, suits and entertainment.  As the youngest and least experienced faculty member, he was elected to host the party.  He will sing Christmas carols, and re-enact the Nativity scene.  His role:  “You guessed it…bearded baby Jesus.”
(Click here to read Trevor’s blog:  HanginginHangzhou.)


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