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Published on February 27th, 2012 | by Staples Soccer


Tom Henske’s Birthday Gift

What do you give a man who has (almost) everything — including a beautiful wife, 2 great kids, 3 national championships, and a side job as Staples goalkeeper coach?

How about the gift of soccer.

Stacey Henske couldn’t figure out what to give her husband for today’s birthday (a big one). Suddenly, it came to her: a chance to play on another team.

Tom had been reluctant to commit to Sunday mornings — usually family time. But Stacey knew how much he loves playing. So she contacted Nathan Bird, manager of Westport’s Over-30 team.

Nathan — who knows Tom from the gym — was thrilled to add the former University of Virginian national champ to the Westport roster.

Tom Henske with his Westport Over-30 jersey.

To “present” the gift, Stacey gave Tom an official team jersey.

So this fall, Tom will be back on the field. Representing Westport.

And cheering from the sidelines will be the Henske family: Stacey, Spencer and Sammi.

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