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Published on October 11th, 2012 | by Staples Soccer


Terrace Improvements Looks Sharp

The 2012 terrace renovation is complete — and it makes the best high school soccer venue in the state look even better.

First, the bollards were cut down considerably, and painted.

Then, a granite slab — engraved with “Staples Soccer” — was placed at the site. Now, there’s a clear entrance — and another reminder exactly who’s playing here.

Finally, a stone etched with a Block “S” was placed in the center of the terrace. Next year, the years of every state championship team — boys and girls — may be engraved around the perimeter of that section.

Funds for the project came from the Staples boys and girls soccer program. Special thanks go to Gault Inc., for their substantial donation of materials and transportation; Marty Rogers, for his engraving; John Rizzi, for his design skills, and committee members Carl McNair and Dan Woog.

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