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Staples Keeper Nation Profile: Wes Martino ’97

Wes Martino — who captained the 1996 team to the state finals, and made one of the most legendary penalty kick saves in Wrecker history in the semifinal win over Simsbury — is the 3rd profile in our continuing Staples Goalkeeper Nation series. Each interview links goaltenders of the past with those of today and tomorrow. For more information on Staples Goalkeeper Nation, click here.

NAME:  Wes Martino

CLASS:  1997

FAVORITE SOCCER MEMORY:  Winning FCIACs senior year, with my best friends on the field. A close second is the memory of my entire college career. It was amazing to play D-I soccer.

COLLEGE SOCCER:  I played at College of Charleston (Division I in the Colonial Athletic Association).

POST-COLLEGE CAREER:  I was an assistant college soccer coach for 2 years, while I was getting my MBA. I now work for IBM, selling software.

HOW DID YOU BECOME A GOALKEEPER:  Our team’s keeper moved out of town when I was in 6th grade. Rich Hiltz — a great keeper for Staples in the 1970s — was coaching us. He told me to put the gloves on. I never looked back.

ADVICE FOR STAPLES KEEPERS:  1) Hard work every day in practice pays off. There will be moments in every game where you make a great save, and don’t even have to think about it. It’s almost as if everything is slow motion, and things just happen naturally. In reality, all of those footwork drills, catching drills, diving drills, all come together in that one moment. What a thrill!

2) You must concentrate for 90 minutes — all game, every game.

3) Enjoy your time playing. Stop every once in a while during a game, and take it all in. The game, the crowd, the lights, etc. Just make sure to do this during a stoppage of play!

Wes Martino ’97 — NOT in his keeper gear.


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