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Staples 60th Celebration: Photo Gallery

Rob Hagebak ’82 flew in from Maui. The early ’60s were represented by Burke Mandable, Jim Kaufman, Dave Olean, Jim Paull and Sam Pair. Chris Martenson ’18 came directly from playing a match for Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

There were scores more, from all over the country and all ages. Teammates reunited. Players who only knew one another by name — or had never heard of each other — met.

There were souvenir scarves courtesy of Bill Mitchell, artwork thanks to Peter Maric ’97’s cousin Elliot Gerard, and burgers and dogs from Staples’ Barbecue Club.

Loeffler Field was muddy, but the sun shone. Staples played trademark defense, kept the ball on the ground, and did everything but score in an exciting 0-0 draw with a strong Darien club.

That night, Dan Donovan ’82 and his wife Nicole hosted a fantastic party (though Dan was in California on business). The Donovans and Doug Fincher ’82 provided the beverages. Mike Carey ’01 — a producer at NBC Sports — showed a superb video highlighting 60 years of Staples soccer (link in separate story — coming soon).

It was a day — and night — to remember. Here are a few photos. See you at the 75th — and on The Hill many more times before that.

Jim Paull, Dave Olean, Burke Mandable and Jim Kaufman represent the early ’60s.

Chris O’Dell ’95 and 2 of his 4 kids


From the late ’70s through late ’80s: Jem Sollinger, Rich Hiltz, Warren Bird, Seth Sholes

Ted Gallant ’98 and Mike Dobbs ’97


Jeff Lea coached all these 1971 grads on his junior varsity team: Tracy McIntosh, Fred Cantor, Neil Brickley, Steve McCoy. They pose with a classic LB Honer ball.

Kent Thomas ’86, Jay Katz ’87


Andy Udell and Jem Sollinger, with Neil and Jean Coleman, represent the Class of 1988

Matt Evans ’90 and family


Lefty Penderakis, Noah Schwaeber, Tom Henske, James Hickok and Kurt Dasbach: from 2013 to today, including coaches

Andres Marmelo ’16 and his brother — a future Wrecker


Ry Cohen, Timmy Liles, Patricio Perez Elorza and Steven Frost: last year and this


Chris Martenson ’18 and Danny Jersey ’17


A few of the many alumni on The Hill at halftime

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