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Published on November 15th, 2009 | by Staples Soccer


Sports Therapists Offer Open House To Wreckers

Dr. EJ Zebro — founder of Integrated Sports Therapy, a former college soccer player and current Westport Over-30 team member — followed the Wreckers closely this year.  He treated many Staples players, and after watching Thursday’s penalty kick victory over Newtown, he knew their bodies were battered and bruised.

EJ Zebro and Renee Daly

Renee Daly and EJ Zebro

So Dr. Zebro and Renee Daly — both Chiropractic Sports Physicians — plus licensed massage therapist Patricia Roberts opened Integrated Sports Therapy and FAST Fitness for a special Friday open house.

Dr. Zebro and Dr. Daly used sport-specific techniques like Active Release and Graston Technique to treat players’ injuries, including strained hamstrings, sprained knees, overused hip flexors, twisted ankles, and tight necks and backs.

Players also enjoyed sports massages — the most relaxing part of the night.

The Wreckers moved from one therapy to the next, and appreciated fully the generous offer.

Junior Greg Gudis said, “I really see the benefits of repairing my body after games.  The staff at IST make it possible for me to go 110% every game.”

Quad-captain Drew McNair added, “I had knee and ankle problems last year.  I worked with IST this summer, and this is the 1st time I’ve played a full season pain-free.”

Dr. Zebro played soccer at the University of Delaware, while Dr. Daly received her athletic training degree from Ithaca College.  Both work with many high school, college and pro athletes.  They describe the Staples varsity as young men who are fun to work with; they also respect each other and the game.

Dr. Zebro noted, “They are fully aware of the responsibility they have to maintain and elevate the tradition of Staples soccer.  They do whatever it takes to get the job done.”  Including taking time out of their busy schedules to be treated like professional soccer players.

(IST and FAST Fitness are located at 1300 Post Road, Westport. Click here for more information.)

Drew McNair receives ART therapy from Dr. Renee Daly. (Photo by MaryGrace Gudis)

EJ Zebro works out Mikey Scott's kinks. (Photo by MaryGrace Gudis)

Mike White tries out a Fast Fitness therapy machine. (Photo by MaryGrace Gudis)

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