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Published on May 22nd, 2016 | by Staples Soccer


Spencer Daniels Big Winner In Touch Football Octo

The Jack Scott Octathlon of  Champions resumed today, with 2-hand touch football at Wakeman.

Spencer Daniels — who organized the event — was the big winner. He picked up points for being on 2 winnings teams (with Daniel Reid and Steven Frost), best dodge and MVP. That gives him 49 points overall, and leapfrogs him past 3 competitors into 3rd place overall.

Ziggy Hallgarten picked up points for best QB throw, 1 winning team and best outfit.

Tyler Wright did not participate today, and saw his overall lead dwindle to just 2 points. Josh Berman (who earned points for sportsmanship today) is in 2nd place, with 53 points to Wright’s 55.

Other major points today: Best catch and best effort (Stephen Rowland), best touchdown (Timmy Liles) and blood (Reid).

The overall standings after today: Tyler Wright (55); Josh Berman (53): Spencer Daniels (49); Sam Kantor (40); Kenny Brill (39); Ziggy Hallgarten (37); Matteo Broccolo (34); Daniel Reid (26); Shane Dasbach (24); Luca Cocito (21); Stephen Rowland (15): Timmy Liles, Griff O’Neill (14); Alessandro Perez-Elorza (13): Steven Frost (12); Chris Andrews (6); Will Birch, Chris Martenson, Ian Weiler (3).

Next up: laser tag (Daniel Reid), ultimate frisbee (Matteo Broccolo), spikeball (Josh Berman) and soccer golf (Shane Dasbach).

Touch football octathloners include (from left): Josh Berman, Shane Dasbach, Spencer Daniels, Timmy Liles, Steven Frost, Stephen Rowland, Daniel Reid, Ziggy Hallgarten, Sam Kantor.

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