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Published on June 14th, 2011 | by Staples Soccer


Sam Bender Wins $5,000 Scholarship

Sam Bender — the talented, creative videographer whose work put Staples soccer on the YouTube map — is the 1st recipient of the Dan Woog Dedication Award.

The $5,000 scholarship — presented by the Top of the Hill Team and Gudis Family Foundation — is given to an “outstanding student who has given back to Staples boys soccer with the same dedication and enthusiasm that Dan has exhibited to Staples for decades.”

Sam Bender

For 2 years, the award letter said,  “your creativity, passion and attention to detail have brought Staples Soccer international notice.  Sam, you were always unselfish, and dedicated a significant amount of your time with helping the seniors build college highlight tapes, and supplying the coaches with game tape.

“You have consistently gone over and above the call of duty, and it will be very difficult to replace your professionalism, responsibility and passion.  You were an important part of the Staples boys soccer program, and many players appreciate all of your efforts.”

Head coach Dan Woog said, “I am honored and humbled to have an award presented in my name.  And I am particularly proud that Sam is the 1st winner.  He epitomizes all that is good about our program — and he was as important a member of our team as any player who took the field.”

Top of the Hill Team member Dan Donovan commented:

We should thank Sam for all he has done for the program.  When we thought of this idea a couple of years ago, who would have considered the life of its own that it would take on?

It all goes down to Sam’s dedication and creativity.  Really great stuff that I enjoy watching, especially when I can’t get to games.  My teammates, now 30 years removed from high school, look forward to seeing the game highlights from all parts of the country.

My young sons, who hope to wear the blue and white one day, also watch every clip, over and over.  Sam’s worked has touched generations of Staples graduates, and Staples graduates to come.

Sam will enter Emerson College’s nationally renowned communications program in the fall.


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