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Published on October 16th, 2010 | by Staples Soccer


Quiz Night 2010 A Huge Success

Scores of Staples soccer players, friends, parents, grandparents, teachers and random others crowded the Staples cafeteria last night for the 6th annual Quiz Night.

Raffle prizes — including an iPod Touch — augmented the race for 1st place.  In a nail-biting finish, a group of senior Wreckers  including Ryan Armour, Steve Denowitz, AJ Green and Connor Walsh edged out 2 other teams, including one with several other players augmented by permanent substitute, Superfan (and Staples Challenge team advisor) Jim Goodrich P’99, ’01.

Great thanks go to the many parents who volunteered their time and energy to make the event possible, spearheaded by varsity captains’ parents Mary-Lisa Bergonzi, Mary Ellen Gallagher and Jeanne Lesch, and prize coordinator Pam Evans.

Who knew that the average Model T got 28.5 miles per gallon?  That most American car horns beep in the key of F?  That Robert E. Lee graduated 1st in his West Point class?

The Staples soccer family knew — that’s who.


The winners included senior players Connor Walsh, AJ Green and Ryan Armour. (Photo by Carl McNair)



These players did well — with a bit of help from Jim Goodrich. From left: Sean Gallagher, Goodrich, James Hickok, Greg Gudis, Mikey Scott, Frankie Bergonzi, Court Lake and Brendan Lesch. (Photo by Carl McNair)



The Meinke table included Alan and Lori Meinke P'05, '12, Igor Pikayzen '05 and Chris Meinke '05. Igor — a Yale School of Music grad student — knew that Mozart's "Symphony in G" was written by Mozart. (Photo by Carl McNair)



Mary-Lisa Bergonzi P'11 takes care of iPod Touch raffle tickets. (Photo by Carl McNair)



This sophomore tablel included players Noah Bender, Andrew Travers and Sam Koenig. (Photo by Carl McNair)



This middle school table — including representatives of the Gudis and Lesch families — seemed pleased with their "prize." (Photo by Carl McNair)


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