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Luca Cocito’s ticket for the Belgium-South Korea match.


In 1994, former Staples teammates Fred Cantor (left) and Dan Woog were at the Rose Bowl for the Brazil-Sweden World Cup semifinals.

The Malowitz/Tonsberg/Krieger crew ran into plenty of Japan fans on the way to the game against Greece.

Uruguayans celebrate their win over England. (Photo/Adam Rotberg)


Jake and Benji Malowitz enjoy the Fan Fun Zone.

This is the view the Malowizes and Tonsbergs had of the post-game handshake, after the US upset Ghana 2-1.


Wrecker players watch US-Ghana inside the Beusse house, at the “Cup at the Cove” barbecue.

Long Island Sound was the backdrop for today’s “Cup on the Cove” US-Ghana viewing party at Tom Beusse’s house.

English fans celebrate the (brief) tying goal against Italy. The Malowitz, Tonsberg and Krieger families were in this open-air bar.

Italian fans celebrate the 1st goal against England. The Malowitz, Tonsberg and Krieger families watched the match in an open-air bar in Pipa.


Benji ’18 and Jake Malowitz ’14 after receiving their tickets in Recife. They drove 5 hours to Natal, where they’re staying in an oceanfront home. They watched Brazil-Croatia at a barbecue party.


Alex Tonsberg ’12, Benji Malowitz ’18, Jake Malowitz ’12 and Jeff Krieger ’13 in the Miami airport, en route to Recife. They’ll see several matches — and have a great time.