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Published on September 3rd, 2011 | by Staples Soccer


Parent Volunteers Stencil The Hill

The 2011 season is fast approaching.  The Staples Wreckers are preparing on the field — and parents and supporters are preparing off it.

This morning — just a few hours after a large crowd packed Loeffler Field for the 1st pre-season scrimmage — Keith Evans P’12, Wes Malowitz P’12, Lori Meinke P’12 and John Rizzi P’13 stenciled The Hill, at the base of the terrace.

“It seems like a small thing, but it pays huge dividends,” said head coach Dan Woog.

“No one on The Hill notices it.  But as the teams sit across the field during matches, seeing that large ‘Staples’ sign is powerful.  An opposing coach told me a couple of years ago that our field — the grass, the fans, the entire ambiance — is worth a goal a game to us.  That coach said that other teams are intimidated just walking down the hill, and certainly looking across it.

“Between the parents who stained the benches, and the work done this morning, we’re in great shape right now.  Our players and coaches owe huge thanks to everyone who supports us behind the scenes.”

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