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Mike White ’03 Checks In From Veterinary School

Two Mike Whites have played Staples soccer.

Mike White ’10 is at the University of Delaware.

Mike White ’03 is still in school too.  He checked in today from Manhattan — Manhattan, Kansas, that is — where he’s in veterinary school.

He graduated from the University of Virginia, with a dual major in economics and Spanish language.

Mike White ’03 with his nephew Kieran and dog Bella.

Mike left middle-market mergers and acquisitions several years ago, and turned to his real love. He took pre-vet requirements at the University of Colorado-Denver, then enrolled in Kansas State’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.

This summer he has a National Institutes of Health grant to study chronic heart failure. His professors want him to pursue a dual Ph.D.

This spring, he joined the U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship program. It’s highly competitive: only 15 first-year students are accepted, out of 450 applicants.

Mike White, competing in an Ironman in St. George, Utah.

Outside of the classroom/ lab/kennel, Mike was the lone 1st-year-student starter on Kansas State’s vet med team. They went 9-1, losing in the university finals to the men’s club team.

“My technical skills are probably less refined than back in high school,” he says. “But with all of my Ironman stuff I find I can compensate by not really getting tired inside of 90 minutes. That was probably the major thing I lacked as a 5-2, 130-pound Staples player.”

Mike is happy to share insights about veterinary medicine and Ph.D programs with any interested current player or alum. His email is


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