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Published on September 22nd, 2019 | by Staples Soccer


“Meet The Wreckers”: Read The Responses!

The 2019 Staples boys soccer team is inspired by many things: Last year’s 60th anniversary video. The “Crossing the Line” book used to set team goals. Movies.

They also can (and can’t) cook. Their friends say some interesting things about them. And when asked to list their Top 5 — of anything — they are very creative.

All those insights are posted, in response to this year’s “Meet the Wreckers” questionnaire. As always, their answers are funny, insightful, and always unique.

You can find it all via the “About the Wreckers” tab at the top of this page; then click “Meet the Wreckers” and “Team” from the dropdown menu, and scroll down.

Or you can just click here (and then scroll down).

This year’s team is truly, um, saucy.

Lil Wayne makes Benny Feuer’s list of the top 5 rappers. (He’s #3.)


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