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Published on October 26th, 2017 | by Staples Soccer


Match Result: FCIAC Quarterfinal, Staples vs. Greenwich

Staples-Greenwich matches are almost always classics. Especially FCIAC tournament games.

Consider last year: The 2 sides drew 0-0 in the regular season. The Cardinals then eked out a 2-1 league playoff quarterfinal match, a crazy affair that went down to the bitter end.

Earlier this fall, the Wreckers took Greenwich 1-0, in one of the blue-and-whites’ best efforts of the season.

And those were just the past 2 years. Expectations were high today for another stellar match-up.

It didn’t happen.

Greenwich played inspired soccer on their home turf, winning most 50-50 balls. They stepped up, stuck in hard, and moved the ball with pace.

Staples played lackluster soccer. They conceded 2 early goals — in the 8th and 16th minutes — and spent the rest of the time chasing the game.

“That’s not like us,” said head coach Dan Woog after the 2-0 defeat. “As coaches, we’ll spend the next few days figuring out what we did not do right to prepare our guys. I’m sure the players will do the same on their end.

“Two of our ‘seasons’ are over — the regular season, and now FCIACs. There’s one left: the state tournament. I told the team on the bus that I wouldn’t be doing what I do, for as long as I’ve done it, if I did not have complete faith in them and what they can accomplish. We’ve seen great things from them this year. Today was not one of those days. But the joy and beauty of high school soccer is that 10 days from now, they’ll have another chance to go out and show the state what they can do.” FINAL SCORE: Greenwich 2, Staples 0. SEASON RECORD: 8-5-4.

QUICK KICKS: Staples went into the FCIAC tournament ranked #7. Greenwich was #2….

State tournament pairings come out Friday, November 3. Because many upstate leagues do not have post-season tournaments, their regular seasons continue through Monday, October 30.


The national anthem, before Greenwich. (Photo/Alan Frost)

Matt Engler and Timmy Liles sandwich a Greenwich Cardinal. (Photo/Alan Frost)

Anton Mahr pursues Anton Garcia. (Photo/Alan Frost)

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