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Published on October 24th, 2016 | by Staples Soccer


Match Report: Staples vs. Fairfield Warde

Today’s Senior Day contest at Loeffler Field promised to be a great one. The large crowd of parents, friends and alumni knew they’d see a match-up between teams from neighboring towns with similar styles and records. Both sides knew they were fighting for a possible home game in the FCIAC and state tournaments.

The fans got what they came for. A substantial wind was at Staples’ backs in the 1st half, and their offensive half pressure surprised the Mustangs. The Wreckers were sparked by the return of defender Sam Kantor, back after missing 2 games with a shoulder injury, and Anton Mahr (1 game, head injury). Matt Engler was back too, after 7 matches out with a broken wrist.

The midfield of Thomas Nealon, Jannis Dietze, Matteo Broccolo and Daniel Reid — and Timmy Liles and Will Birch off the bench — won more than their share of balls, and pushed Mahr, Luca Cocito, Spencer Daniels and Stephen Rowland forward. With Kantor, Josh Berman, Teddy Lawrence and Chris Martenson in front of him, keeper Ziggy Hallgarten did not touch the ball until midway through the 1st half.

Staples’ best chance came in the 15th minute. Nealon earned a corner kick. Lawrence’s header was saved. Berman pounced on the rebound, but was stopped. The resulting shot was high. Two minutes later Wright raced into the box, but misfired. Berman fed Daniels for another chance in the 27th minute.

In the 32nd minute Nealon and Daniels combined on another opportunity. Dietze fired, and collected a corner kick. Nealon’s 36th-minute shot was bobbled, but saved.

But the 1st half remained scoreless, and the hosts faced the wind in the 2nd half. The sun, however, was in Warde’s eyes.

The Mustangs came on in the 2nd half. But they still did not test Hallgarten. Staples, meanwhile, had more chances. Daniels, Nealon and Dietze shot high; Broccolo’s long throw was headed wide by Berman. Then Warde ripped their 1st  threatening shot of the day. Hallgarten leaped far into the corner, to save.

A minute later, the 1st penalty kick of the year was called against Staples. The shot was true.

The Wreckers came right back, but the Mustangs did not sit back. The final 24 minutes were wide open.

With 8 seconds to play — and Staples still pushing for the equalizer — Warde got the insurance tally, on an open net.

It was a bitter end to the regular season — and for the 16 Wrecker seniors, in what was probably their last game at Loeffler Field.

But that was it — just the regular season. Two more seasons — the FCIAC and state tournaments — lie ahead. FCIACs begin Thursday. There was a 3-way tie for 6th going into today. With all the results in, Staples finishes in the 8th and final spot. The Wreckers face Greenwich on Thursday, in the quarterfinals, at the Cardinals’ field. The 2 teams tied 0-0 earlier this year. FINAL SCORE: Fairfield Warde 2, Staples 0. FINAL REGULAR SEASON RECORD:  7-3-6.

QUICK KICKS: The loss was Staples’ first since the 4th game of the season. They went 6-0-5 over that span….

The reserves had good possession but fell 1-0 to Fairfield Warde. It was the only defeat of the season for coach Nicky Hoberman’s side. They finish the year with a stellar 9-1-4 mark….

The freshmen beat Fairfield Warde 3-1, on goals by Benny Feuer, Josh DiDomenico and Emerson Anvari. Feuer, Tadeo Messenger and the back line played very well — while keeper Teddy O’Kane saved a penalty kick.

The Wreckers’ now-traditional pre-game cheer. (Photo/Frances Rowland)


Daniel Reid, Spencer Daniels and Jannis Dietze in hot pursuit of a Fairfield Warde Mustang. (Photo/Frances Rowland)


Tyler Wright gets a look at the Fairfield Warde goal. (Photo/Armelle Daniels)


The inimitable Teddy Lawrence. (Photo/Frances Rowland)


Josh Berman is saved on the goal line against Fairfield Warde. (Photo/Frances Rowland)


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