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Published on March 10th, 2010 | by Staples Soccer


Lisa Krosse P’11, Pam Evans P’12 Renovate Trophy Case

Pam Evans and Lisa Krosse working so hard, there's not even time to look at the camera.

A pair of varsity parents — Lisa Krosse and Pam Evans — cleaned, rearranged, remodeled and reinvigorated the Staples boys soccer trophy case.

As soon as they were done today, after several long hours of work, the glass case — which occupies prime territory just outside the gym — accomplished its purpose.  Dozens of students stopped to stare at the display, and talk about the many mementos inside.

What’s new?

  • The 1st 1961 FCIAC championship trophy occupies a place of honor, near the 26th and latest from 2009.
  • A large drawing by nationally famous illustrator (and Westporter) Eric Gurney, presented to Albie Loeffler in 1958 by his very 1st team, hangs proudly.  It’s signed by everyone on the squad — including Staples’ 1st star, Bill Needham, and eventual 1st selectman Joe Arcudi.  Mr. Loeffler sent it  to Staples from his home in North Carolina, shortly before his death.
  • Lists of all 26 FCIAC championship teams; the 31 FCIAC division winners, and all 7 Academic All-America teams.
  • The 12 state championship trophies and plaques are rearranged, for easy viewing.  Other memorabilia is organized chronically and logically too.
  • The great photo of 100 alumni, from Staples soccer’s 50th celebration in 2008.
  • An up-to-date list of all the colleges where Staples soccer alumni have played — from Allegheny to Yale.
  • New 2009 awards, including one for the final National Top 25 ranking (it joins a similar plaque from 1993).
  • Preston Hirten ’07’s #15 jersey, signed by his teammates.

What’s the same (but cleaned and looking spiffy)?

  • Kyle Martino ’99’s Gatorade National Player of the Year award.
  • Mark Noonan ’83’s warmup from his NCAA Division I national championship season at Duke University.
  • The 3 Ralph King Cups, all won this decade for best record in the FCIAC.
  • The Jeff Lea, Alumni and Steve Martin Award plaques.
  • The bust of Albie Loeffler, presented as a gift from Jay Strausser P’78, ’81, ’84 upon the legendary coach’s retirement.

The trophy case is as handsome as ever — and still packed.

But here’s the Staples soccer promise to the 2010 team, and all others that follow:

We’ll always make room for more.

The finished product.


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