Published on November 21st, 2020 | by Staples Soccer


Emerson Anvari ’20 Checks In From Hawaii

With COVID making the college experience uncertain, Emerson Anvari ’20 decided to defer admission to Lafayette College for a year.

Instead, last year’s Alumni Award winner joined the Staples High School soccer staff, assisting Reilly Lynch with the reserves. Emerson earned the respect of his players and fellow coaches, providing a great spark for all.

A few days after the season ended, Emerson headed to Hawaii. He checked in yesterday, with this report:

The reserves had a great season. It was bittersweet to leave the program and town I’ve spent my whole life in, but coaching for Staples and now being in Hawaii has all been incredibly rewarding.

I’m staying here with my half-sister and her husband on the Big Island. A few highlights include working on a tea farm, sunrise surfing in the shadow of a volcano, and watching 2 rays swim up to me in a coral reef.

The other night I played soccer in a Target parking lot with a homeless guy.

The past weeks have been filled with wild experiences that makes me look at the world a little differently. It’s also made me tremendously grateful to have grown up with the opportunities that Westport offers. 10/10 I would recommend a gap year to anyone before going on to the next phase of your life. Get out there and learn something about yourself!

Emerson Anvari reps Staples soccer on the Big Island.



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