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Published on August 12th, 2018 | by Staples Soccer


Coming Soon: 60 For 60!

The countdown has begun to Staples soccer’s 60th anniversary celebration.

This Tuesday (August 14) marks 60 days before the event.

Which means we’re kicking off our special “60 For 60” coverage.

Every day between now and then, we’ll post a random Staples soccer factoid. It could be about a famous match, a special season, a player or team.

They’re fun, informative — and all true.

You’ll find the “60 For 60” posts each day on Twitter (@StaplesSoccer1) and Facebook (StaplesSoccer).

Every Sunday, we’ll post a weekly roundup of the previous 7 days here on

Start counting down to our 60th. And — as they saying goes — you can learn something new every day.

(Click here for more details of our October 13 60th event.)

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