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Published on June 26th, 2014 | by Staples Soccer


Andres Marmelo Wins World Cup Group Standings Contest

It came down to the wire — as so many World Cup games have so far. We had to go to the tie-breaker.

Andres Marmelo, Steven Sobel and Nicholas Perry all picked the most correct finishes at the end of group play: 18 out of 32 teams. But Marmelo — a rising junior at Staples — nailed 7 of the 8 group winners, to walk away with the $50 Athletic Shoe Factory prize. Sobel — a varsity player who graduated last week — and Perry both got 6 of 8.

The only winner that Marmelo missed was Group D. He picked Uruguay on top — and eventual leader Costa Rica to finish last. Otherwise, he was spot-on.

Sobel, current tri-captain Patrick Beusse and Chris Swan ’67 all got a perfect 4-for-4 in Group G: Germany 1st, US 2nd, Portugal 3rd and Ghana 4th.

Also correctly picking the US to go through: Sobel, Shane Dasbach and Jack Zeldes.

Interestingly, over 95% of the entrants picked Group E perfectly: France, Switzerland, Ecuador and Honduras.

Meanwhile, Peter Perry took the tie-breaker for the previous contest, to pick the starting US lineup in the 1st match, versus Ghana. The tie-breaker was to choose the leading US scorer. Perry had Clint Dempsey, beating out Jack Zeldes (Jozy Altidore) and Kyle Hoberman (no answer).

Congratulations to Marmelo and Perry! The next contest will be posted soon.

Andres Marmelo knows his World Cup teams.


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