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Published on October 16th, 2018 | by Staples Soccer


60th Artwork Amazes Alums; Now It’s For Sale!

Elliot Gerard is former Staples junior varsity coach Darko Maric’s nephew, and Peter Maric ’97’s cousin.

Elliot is also a very talented artist. He works in Westport as creative director at MKTG, the sports firm (with, among others, Matt Sych ’07).

Elliot has created animations for the Madison Square Garden Jumbotron, a digital magazine cover of LeBron James, and an enormous mural to celebrate the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For Staples soccer’s 60th anniversary celebration, Elliot designed a 40″ x 40″ work that captures our program’s entire history. Albie Loeffler, the early teams, the Murphys, Charlie Perlwitz, James Hickok, Charlie Leonard, the equipment shed with all 12 state and 27 FCIAC championship dates — it’s all there.

It was auctioned off Saturday, as a fundraiser. Chris O’Dell — a state champion himself, now the longtime freshman coach — placed the winning bid.

Now you can own it too. Elliot is selling prints of his work (privately — not as a fundraiser). If you’d like to purchase one (or  more), email

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