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Published on October 14th, 2018 | by Staples Soccer


“60 Years Of Staples Soccer” Video: A Winner, With An All-Star Cast

For 60 years, Staples soccer has set a high standard. The Wreckers play good soccer. They get top grades, and are involved in their community.

And when they commission a video to celebrate their 60th anniversary, they want it to show how strong — and important — the program is.

There was no one better to take on the project than Mike Carey ’01.

An FCIAC champion (on a team that went 19-1-1), then a star at Union College, Mike is now a producer for NBC Sports. (He works on the Premiership coverage with analyst Kyle Martino ’99.)

Mike began the project in the spring. He amassed photos and film clips. The video came in all formats — from the most recent hi-def to home movies from the 1960s, with everything else in between. He had it all digitized, then spent the summer and early fall — until the night before the 60th celebration, in fact — editing and creating a film worthy of Staples soccer.

Goals, celebrations, keeper saves, hard tackles, missed opportunities, funny moments — they’re all there, NBC Sports-style. But so is a stirring narration, and a strong soundtrack. Taken together, they show everyone — alum, current player, future player, parent, friend or just a casual soccer fan — what 60 years of Staples soccer is all about.

Click below for the video. And be sure to share it far and wide.

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