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Published on March 31st, 2015 | by Staples Soccer


6 am Fitness Sessions Get Wreckers Ready For Fall

Since January, up to 2 dozen Staples soccer players — juniors, (tons of) sophomores and freshmen — have gotten themselves to the Staples Fitness Center at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m.

Twice a week, they run through a creative fitness program designed by assistant coach (and professional trainer) Kurt Dasbach.

Working on soccer-related core strength and flexibility exercises, they know that the hard work of winter and spring will pay huge dividends in the fall. (They also notice they’re awake and ready for class at 7:30, when everyone else is still rolling into school.)

The good news: Soon, when they arrive to work out, the sun will already be up.

Matteo Broccolo does pull-ups with bands.

Jack Zeldes improves his jumping ability. Daniel Reid spots him.


Noah Schwaeber and Daniel Reid train for strength, flexibility and balance. Don’t worry about the guys in the background checking their cell phone — that’s where Kurt uploads each workout.

Brenden Price, Josh Berman and Aidan Wisher stretch well.

Tyler Wright spots fellow freshman Steven Frost.


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