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Published on October 22nd, 2011 | by Staples Soccer


Varsity Visits The Next Generation

Nearly a dozen Staples varsity soccer players spent Saturday morning watching, cheering for, and hanging out with some future — very future — Wreckers:  the Westport Soccer Association 2nd grade boys league.

The 2011 team, in other words, inspired the 2021 squad.

The Staples players enjoyed watching the games — and the younger players had a good time meeting some of the guys they watch from The Hill.

“You know, you’re heroes to these kids,” one father said as the players left.

“Thank you,” a Wrecker said.  “But we had a great time here too.”

Staples players who went to Wakeman fields for the games included Ethan Bradeen, Phil Foisie, Joe Greenwald, James Hickok, Kyle Hoberman, Max Hoberman, Jay Kaplan, Jake Malowitz, Taylor McNair, Tucker Rizzi and Jack Scott.

Andy Udell ’88 is the 2nd grade league commissioner, while Todd Coleman ’84 is the WSA rec director.

(From left) James Hickok, Tucker Rizzi, Taylor McNair, Kyle Hoberman, Jake Malowitz, Phil Foisie, Jack Scott and Jay Kaplan answer questions from the 2nd graders.

Jake Malowitz and Jack Scott pose with a pair of future stars.

James Hickok and a piggy-backing player.

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