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Published on April 12th, 2013 | by Staples Soccer


4 Wreckers Are Big Winners In Dodgeball Octathlon

This month’s Octathlon of Champions event was dodgeball, in the Staples gym.

Matt Bateman, Foster Goldberg, Ethan Kobak and Sterling Price were the biggest point winners. They finished 2nd in the small-team tournament part of the competition, then won the big game at the end, for a total of 13 points.

Also on the winning big team at the end: George Kokkalis, Gabe Pensak and Yousef Shahin. Victors in the 1st tournament were Diego Alanis, Robby Giannone, Noah Schwaeber and Jack Scott.

Daniel Boyce retains his overall lead at the Octathlon’s midway mark, with 38 points. But Jack Scott vaults into 2nd place (35 poitns), followed closely by Sterling Price (32) and Sebo Hood (30).

Behind them are Bobby Jacowleff and George Kokkalis (26), Diego Alanis (25), Matt Bateman and Foster Goldberg (24), Yousef Shahin (20), Steven Sobel (18), Noah Schwaeber (17), Andrew Puchala (16), Ethan Kobak (13), Robby Giannone and Gabe Pensak (12), Ryan Ruggiano (11), James Rubin (9), Charlie Leonard (7), Nate Argosh (6), Connor Weiler (2) and Patrick Beusse, Jordan McNair and Michael Reid (1).

Connor Weiler organized this month’s Octathlon. Next up: 3-v-3 basketball, arranged by George Kokkalis.

Charlie Leonard, ready to peg someone.

Charlie Leonard, ready to peg someone.



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