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Published on December 29th, 2011 | by Staples Soccer


2006 Team Wins Loeffler Indoor Tournament

The 2006 team — winners of numerous Watermelon Cups and other alumni events — captured the 2011 Loeffler Indoor Tournament last night at the Staples fieldhouse.

But it wasn’t easy.

It took nearly 10 minutes of overtime — beyond the original 12 minutes — for “Team USA” to prevail. Matt Lamb’s toe-poke was the only goal.

In addition to Matt, the victors included Greg Bachman, Brendon Cristobal, Keaton Cristobal, Nicky Hoberman, Eric Meyer, Dave Sharpe and Craig Wolgast.

The team that fell in the final was a great mixture of ages: Kurt Dasbach, Shane Dasbach, Matt Hendrickson, Trevor Lamb, Michael McCarthy, Chris Meinke, Dane Ostilly and Russell Oost-Lievense.

Nearly 40 players competed in a round-robin, followed by semis and finals. They raised $975 for the Loeffler Scholarship, an annual award of up to $3,000 named for the founder of the Staples boys soccer program.

The oldest player — Grayle Howlett, 51 — is a longtime friend of Staples soccer, who actually attended Staples High. The youngest was Shane Dasbach, followed by Jack Scott.

Trevor Lamb traveled the furthest to play: from China.


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